Yard Clean-up

Perfect Yard Clean-up Provided in Central City, Greenville, and Lewisburg, KY

What is Included in Our Yard Clean-up Services?

We make sure each leaf, twig, and branch is picked up so your lawn grows strong and full. We provide our equipment and take everything with us when we leave, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your, well, cleanup. Perfection ensures your lawn looks perfect before we are done.

Branches and twigs add weight to your lawn, stopping the grass from growing and resulting in your lawn looking patchy and brown. Perfection picks up the branches and twigs so they may have the opportunity to be recycled for more productive services, like fresh mulch. With the quality of our services, your lawn will look fresh and welcoming for the next season, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Yard Cleanups

Why Should You Choose Perfection Lawn & Landscape LLC?

Perfection is a team that values integrity and honesty for all our clients.

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How Does Yard Clean-up Improve Your Landscape?

Promotes Strong Growth

Plant life can grow without interruption when leaves and other debris from trees and shrubs are picked up. Perfection keeps your lawn strong and thriving with each leaf that is removed. You never have to worry about if your lawn will come back stronger after the harsh seasons have passed.

Without the detritus of the previous season, your lawn will have plenty of time to heal itself and get prepped for the upcoming season. Each lawn requires special care, and we ensure the best TLC in town!

Blocks Weeds and Pests from Making a Home

Leaves left on your lawn start to rot and can attract bugs to claim your lawn as their home. Fungi and weeds are also attracted to decay and vulnerable lawns. When you team up with Perfection, we ensure your lawn is free from all pests and weed magnets.

The grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, and all your other plants will never look more vibrant and full of life than when we are done clearing the property from unwanted plant and pest life. We get the job done promptly so you can spend more time doing the things you love. You can enjoy the outdoors now more than ever before.

Allows Each Element Reaches the Plants

Key elements, like water, sunlight, and nutrients, will reach your lawn more easily when your garden is debris-free. When leaves and branches stay on your lawn, they block your grass from the elements and prevent new growth. With the help of Perfection, you won’t have to worry about that because your grass will continue to grow stronger when the sun and rain reach the roots giving them more nutrients.

Motion detection scares intruders from making a midnight snack out of your fruitful garden.

What Other Services Can Help With the Health of Your Lawn?

Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, and Landscaping Help Keep Your Lawn Strong!

When taking care of your lawn, we will make it stronger and more vibrant, and you will notice improvement. In addition, your curb appeal will increase with each passing neighbor. All it takes is a constant routine of caring for your plant life.

  • NLawn Care - Keeping weeds out of your garden is essential for new growth and stronger root systems that keep your soil functional.
  • NLawn Maintenance - Cutting, trimming, and pruning keeps your garden in great shape and vibrant.
  • NLandscaping - Installing and building a landscape improves the environment and increases the functionality of your land.


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