Lawn Maintenance

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What is included in our lawn maintenance?

You may not realize how much your lawn makes the first impression on anybody driving by or visiting; nobody wants that first impression to be negative! Therefore, the grass, trees, plants, hedges, and shrubs need to be cared for specifically, with equal attention paid to each.

In addition, if these areas become a problem, your lawn will start taking damage, and not only will you notice, but everyone else will, too. Our lawn maintenance is essential in keeping your property well-rounded – trimming, pruning, mowing, edging, and blowing are all often associated with these services!

Mowing, edging, and then blowing grass waste for gathering will keep your lawn healthy and looking amazing. While we’re at it, giving your trees and shrubs the attention they need will help keep them from damaging your grass while seeking extra nutrients and water.

Lawn Maintenance

What makes Perfection Lawn & Landscape reliable?

We offer our valued customers professional services that help us stand out:

  • NBig or small, every landscape deserves to be our top priority.
  • NYou don’t have to worry about the job being done incorrectly, as our team is trained in every service we provide.
  • NWe ensure your landscape dreams are recognized and become as important to us as they are to you.
  • NOur company never sacrifices great customer service for anything because our customers are very important to us.
  • NEvery little detail matters, and no detail is too insignificant for us to worry about, perform, and care for.

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What are some key benefits of this landscape service?

Your lawn won’t become an eye-sore

We talk about curb appeal a lot because it’s important to ensure your property has a lot of it! But, if your landscape isn’t cared for, that curb appeal will drop faster than the temp in a Kentucky winter. So keeping your curb appeal aimed for the sky is a Perfection goal!

Routine lawn service is essential for keeping your lawn in good shape and staying pretty. If you let it go untouched, your lawn will become an eye sore that’s hard to ignore.

Your lawn won’t be as susceptible to pests

It’s hard to completely avoid any pests on your property because they’re part of nature, and nature is stubborn. However, you can take steps to reduce how many become a problem for you.

Keeping your lawn trimmed and groomed lessens the number of places for
bugs and rodents to hide and live. Let’s not make your home and property their home and property!

What are some important things to remember?

Consistency is key

Lawn service isn’t something that can be done once in a while, whenever it crosses your mind. Instead, it’s a procedure that needs to be done consistently to make a difference in your landscape.

If you aren’t consistent, your lawn won’t grow at a healthy rate, things won’t bloom right, and your lawn can take quite a hit! Of course, it helps to have designated times when it all gets done to ensure nothing gets forgotten!

Healthy lawns equal healthy lives

If your lawn isn’t maintained, it’s not likely to stay healthy for long. A sick lawn isn’t pretty and can be troublesome to fix. Unfortunately, it’s not just the individual plants or grass that can suffer.

Overgrown lawns can become a hazard for everyone, and the right environments increase the number of allergens floating around your home. If your lawn is healthy and clean, you’ll be healthy, too!


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