Landscape Lighting

Perfect Landscape Lighting Provided in Central City, Greenville, and Lewisburg, Kentucky

What is Included in Our Landscape Lighting Services?

Perfection provides the best lights for your landscape with the best installation process in town. Safety is our top priority which is why we stress letting the pros install the lights for you because we have the knowledge and the skill set to get the job done correctly. Perfection will do the installation for you, so you won’t have to worry about getting electrocuted.

When each light is installed correctly and safely, we clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to. The sooner we are gone, the faster you can enjoy your new lighting and review the lighting setup for different areas of your landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Why Should You Choose Perfection Lawn & Landscape LLC?

Perfection is a team that values providing all of our clients with the utmost professionalism. In addition, we are a team that cares about each client and the jobs they require.

  • NIntegrity keeps us an honest team.
  • NOur work speaks for itself.
  • NCommunication with us is unbeatable.

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How Does Landscape Lighting Benefit Your Landscape?

Prevents Tripping Hazards

Darkness creates shadows that can be hard to see where it’s safe to put your footing and can cause a tripping hazard. With outdoor lighting, you are provided with more visibility and can be safer when coming home at night. In addition, steps with lights show where each step is and where they end, so you don’t have to feel around in the darkness.

With the help of Perfection, you won’t have to worry about how to get to the front door of your car. We can even install lights along the edges of your driveway if that’s what you require.

Provides More Time Outdoors

The time you spend outdoors does not have to end just because the sun sets. Landscape lighting allows you and your family to enjoy the night without producing too much light pollution. Perfection provides you with the perfect lights for stargazing and any of your other needs.

When you are entertaining friends and family, you won’t have to worry about the sun being the party pooper. Instead, you can control the lighting, brightness, and even the color of the lights all from your phone.

Boost Home Value

When landscape lights are added to your landscape, your home value increases tenfold. Features like these are not only desired but there are tons of styles to choose from; placement is important for getting the most out of your lights – we can help you! In addition, lights give your landscape more opportunities to be safe and secure.

Motion detection scares intruders from making a midnight snack out of your fruitful garden.

What Other Services Can Boost Your Landscape Lighting?

Landscaping, Yard Clean-up, and Lawn Maintenance are Ways to Keep Lights Functional

When the grass is too high and goes uncut for too long, it can be difficult to see the light struggling to shine through. Clearing your lawn debris makes it easier to travel through your landscape without getting injured- especially at night.

  • NLandscaping - Landscaping is essential for keeping the land functional and healthy.
  • NYard Clean-up - Cleaning up leaves and other yard debris is vital for removing tripping and slipping hazards and keeping pests and weeds out of your yard.
  • NLawn Maintenance - Keeping the landscape trimmed and cut back keeps it in order and easy to navigate, and enjoy the beautiful garden you've spent so much time and energy on its development.


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