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What Do Perfection’s Hardscapes Service Include?

Your outdoor living space is the heart of a great garden party, barbeque, or other outdoor gatherings. And the building blocks of perfect outdoor living space are hardscaping.

Hardscapes come in various colors, from natural stone to brick and concrete. They can include a small section of your yard or meander throughout the living landscape. Whatever your hardscape dream, we’re here to cement it into a reality.


Why Is Perfection Perfect for You?

Perfection isn’t just a name; it’s an ethos. We strive for perfection in our work. That’s not to say we are perfect. But our work is to get as close as we can.

So how do we do it?

  • We treat you like you’re perfect: Customer service is our number one priority. Our goal is your satisfaction, so we ask questions, do the work you expect, and treat you like a friend.
  • Practice makes perfect: We’ve been in business for over a decade. We know what we’re doing and ensure all our employees are well-trained.
  • Strive to create a perfect community: Perfection is part of the community, and we take that seriously. We hire employees with a similar community mindset and know that when the community is doing well, so are we.

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How Do You Incorporate Hardscapes Into Your Property?

Outdoor Living Spaces

Sometimes the home’s best room is outside of it. Outdoor living spaces are an upward trend in home additions, and there are several reasons for that.

First of all, the cost-to-benefit ratio is high. Outdoor living space will increase your property value similarly to adding another room, but at a fraction of the cost.

They’re also highly usable! Outdoor entertaining is a cherished American pastime. Adding a patio or outdoor kitchen only makes it better.


Of course, your hardscapes don’t need to end at your patio. Walkways can wind throughout your property, connecting the terrace to gardens and one another.

Hardscape walkways can be built to look modern, like old-fashioned cobblestone or anything in between. They’re an excellent way to frame your gardens and create the visual path you want your guests’ eyes (and feet!) to follow.

Fire Pits

Nothing lights up the party like a fire pit. Humans have been fascinated by fire since we first discovered it, and it seemed like the awe never wore off. Maybe that’s why fire pits create an instant focal point and gathering spot.

In addition, fire pits can extend the party’s life by creating warmth and light beyond the comfort level offered by the natural temperature.

What Other Services Can Boost Your Landscape Lighting?

Landscaping the Whole Property

We all know the yard doesn’t end at the hardscape. We go outside because we like the natural features the outside offers. So Perfection takes care of the living parts of your yard too.

  • NFlower Beds - Your flowers are the stars of the show. We install flower beds and maintain them throughout the year. Whether you have your own sketched plan or want us to create your design, Perfection is here for you.
  • NLawn Care -What takes up the most space on your property? For most Kentucky homeowners, the answer is the lawn. We take excellent care of your lawn with mowing, edging, trimming, sod installation, aeration, and overseeding so that it can be the perfect backdrop for your next gathering.
  • NMulch - Mulch is what ties it all together. We mulch your garden beds as needed throughout the year with the perfect color and material for your home.


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