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What Is Included in Our Drainage Services?

Drainage is all about moving the water in your yard away from where you don’t want it and toward where you do. The main ways to do that are by changing the shape of your property and creating drains.

Changing the shape of your property involves moving land through a process we call grading. When that isn’t feasible or in conjunction with that process, we add drainage solutions to your yard by installing various forms of drains.


Why Use Perfection to Solve Your Excess Water Issues?

You can trust Perfection with all of your property drainage issues. We put our customers’ needs first. Here’s how:

  • NPerfection is local and cares about the community. We thrive when our community does.
  • NWe are fair. We offer free estimates on all of our projects, so you know what will happen before we start.
  • NWe're detail-oriented. The details are the difference between a good project and a perfect one.

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Why Do We Need to Correct Drainage Problems?

Excess Water Can Kill Your Plants

Too much water is as unhealthy as too little. Standing water is not only unpleasant and creates a mess; it can kill your plants. Whereas adding a drain is relatively inexpensive now, replacing your sod on a regular basis adds up.

Prevent Erosion and Property damage.

If drainage issues escalate and kill your plants, the lack of root systems can create erosion and more plant loss. In addition, poor drainage can further lead to a flood; you are risking both land erosion and property damage.

Drainage issues are particularly important when water is near the home’s foundation. Foundation damage is some of the most dangerous and expensive to repair. It’s easier to add drains now than remodel them later.

Moisture Can Cause Human Health Issues

Many people have mold allergies, and some mold is deadly. In addition, over time, excess moisture can grow mold. Adding drains now means you can avoid mold remediation later.

In addition, excess water breeds insect infestations, especially mosquitos. No one wants to entertain in a mosquito-filled yard. They’re not just a nuisance. They can be dangerous for your health.

What Else Can Perfection Do to Improve Your Water Balance?

We Offer Many Landscaping Services to Complement Drainage Solutions

Adding drains to your property is just one way that we improve your landscape. Because Perfection is a full-service landscaping company, we can envision the whole picture and offer complementary services for your yard. We also don’t fix a problem in a vacuum, creating another one in its place.

  • NProperty Grading - Property grading goes hand in hand with drain solutions. Changing the slope of your land in places is often the first step to solving your problem. Sometimes grading is as simple as filling in holes. Other times it can be more extensive. Either way, it's always better to leave it to the professionals.
  • NAeration and Overseeding - Dense soil can cause flooding, and walking on your lawn over time compacts it. That leads to dead grass or more dense dirt. Perfection solves this by aerating the lawn and adding more seeds as part of our lawn care service.
  • NIrrigation - Of course, if one part of your property has too much water, there's a decent chance another part has too little. We solve the latter problem by adding drip irrigation when we install landscaping.


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