We proudly serve the areas of Greenville, Muhlenberg County, and Lewisburg, KY


Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance includes mowing, trimming, blowing, edging, sodding and seeding. We take pride in using certified new products and cutting-edge techniques that provide the perfect lawn!



Perfection offers a wide range of services that come with our landscaping package. We offer landscape design, shrub installation, shrub maintenance,  flower bed services and mulching. Perfection is committed to using certified products and cutting-edge techniques that give you the perfect landscape!



The Perfection team can provide a wide variety of hardscaping services.  These include retaining walls, sidewalks, fire pit installations, fire pit repairs, patio installations, patio repairs, outdoor kitchen installations, outdoor kitchen repairs, and more! We take pride in using the most up to date, certified products combined with cutting-edge techniques to provide the perfect outdoor space for your property!


Outdoor Kitchen Service

Perfection provides a comprehensive outdoor kitchen service.  First, we discuss all the style and color options to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! We also help you consider the proper placement to ensure you get the best use of your outdoor area.  We can install and build the kitchen, or repair your current outdoor kitchen.  When we are done, we will make sure you understand the best options for cleaning and care of your new addition!


Outdoor Living Spaces

Perfection offers a unique outdoor living space service. We offer installations and builds to your outdoor area. We can also repair or break down the outdoor living space you currently have.  Our team shows you the best way to care for your outdoor space after the work is done.


Patio Service

Perfection offers a unique patio service. We provide patio installations and builds. We take the time to make sure your vision is executed! We will discuss different styles and types of patios, as well as proper placement for your property.   We also teach you how to best clean your patio. Our team can break down, remove, and repair an older, damaged patio too.  A pristine patio is a great addition to any outdoor living space.


Fire Pits

The Perfection team offers fire pit installations and builds. First, we’ll discuss the various different wood and electric options available.  Next, we’ll help you to determine the proper placement for your property.  When the project is done, we will teach you the best way to care for your fire pit.  We will discuss covers, cleaning, lighter fluids, and more.  Our team can repair or breakdown your current damaged fire pit if that is required.

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