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Lewisburg is a relatively small city with about five hundred households in Logan County, Kentucky. Perfection loves Lewisburg, Logan County, Muhlenberg County, the surrounding areas, and all the people in the community. If you’ve made your home here, we’d love to serve you with all of our landscaping, hardscaping, and property maintenance services.

Lewisburg, Kentucky, follows the typical four-season year enjoyed in most southeastern United States. As such, Perfection has services that reflect all four of those seasons! 

We provide lawn care throughout the spring, summer, and fall. In addition, we offer seasonal cleanup to prepare for each new season (including leaf cleanup in autumn). And we love installing new plants during the appropriate seasons for their species. 

What Does Pefection Offer Lewisburg, KY

As a full-service, family-owned landscaping company with Kentucky roots, Perfection loves offering everything we can to improve the homes in our communities. From planning to implementation to maintenance, we’re the perfect friend to your landscape.

Perfection is your company if you want your Lewisburg yard to be perfect. Our knowledgeable team offers excellent customer service to all of our customers. In addition, as a local family-owned company, Perfection is passionate about improving the community.

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