Premium Quality Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Hardscaping in Greenville, KY.

The town of Greenville, Kentucky is a very unique one. It has a small town feel, as it is located in the western hills of the state, two hours from Nashville. This small town draws in some crowds when it holds its many festivals throughout the year. It has a beautiful historic downtown area with a courthouse that is a century old.  Probably its most significant claim to fame is the connection it has to the Everly Brothers, one of music’s most famous duos of all time. And if you do find yourself in Greenville, be sure to visit the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame!

Perfection Lawn and Landscaping Services is a local family owned and operated business that has been serving this wonderful town for the last twelve years. The owner, Chris Vincent, and his wife, are dedicated to their local residents here in Greenville. They enjoy working in this industry and providing great care and customer service to their clients. They hope to provide friendly and professional care that promotes a stress-free experience to its clients.  Chris takes pride in his extensive experience in the community, he loves spending time with his 3 boys and enjoys travel and hunting.


What are some of the services Perfection offers in Greenville?


Perfection offers superior landscaping with friendly and professional customer service. Landscape design, installation, and maintenance of shrubs and flower beds, as well as mulching, are included in the service. The Perfection team takes pride in staying educated when it comes to their industry. We combine top-notch equipment with cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best results.

We make sure that your shrubs are properly trimmed so that your landscape remains healthy and pristine. We provide the perfect mulching service that guarantees your soil will be protected from the weather conditions and temperature changes throughout the year. We provide flower bed installations which add style to chosen sections of your landscape. Our team also ensures that your soil gets the perfect amount of sunlight and irrigation for your plant life to thrive. We also offer edging, which gets rid of all unwanted weeds and grass, so that your landscape looks great and is in its healthiest state.

Lawn Maintenance

Perfection lawn maintenance includes a variety of services, such as, mowing, trimming, blowing, edging, sodding and seeding. We pride ourselves on offering these services with the best equipment and techniques that make for the perfect quality of lawn maintenance. Our knowledgeable team creates a friendly and professional atmosphere. We will not stop until your lawn is perfect! We make sure that your lawn looks amazing but is also the healthiest it can be.

Please check out our other additional services available in Greenville! We also offer hardscaping, firepits, patios, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, irrigation, and landscape lighting! All done to Perfection!

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