Did you know that every day in March is a sentence? Of course, March fourth is the best one, but March first through March thirty-first are all decisive imperative sentences. And in Kentucky, this most decisive of months begins the change in our lawn care regime. It's March that brings lawn maintenance back to the forefront of your landscaping, while at the same time, it's an excellent time to take care of the many seasonal tasks to keep your lawn healthy. So today, Perfection will make it like March and give you the decisive guide to lawn care for March and Spring. March with A Mower The smell of gas and fresh gas fills the air. Mowing season has begun. But not all mowing is created equal, and that's partly because not all grass is the same. Cool-season grasses are the ones that are taking off right now. Warm-season grasses will take off when it gets a little warmer. In Kentucky, we support some of each. The goal of the first mow of the Spring is to remove all the dead winter growth. After that, we cut to the appropriate length for the grass species. Then, once it gets warmer, we'll adjust the height f our mowers so that your grass gets a little more insulation with a bit more length. Lawn in Lewisburg Before We March Forth… We started with mowing because that's what everyone knows about lawn care, but before we mow, we've got some spring cleanup! The winter will have left some mess behind in the form of plant debris and dead plants. There's a lot to spring cleanup, but today we'll focus on the lawn care aspect of it. First, we'll remove all the debris that has accumulated on your lawn so that it will stay healthy. That debris prevents your grass from getting the sunlight, water, and nutrients it needs. In addition, the accumulation of plant parts on your grass can trap moisture and cause mold! Sod It All! Due to mold or freezing, some of your grass may not have survived the winter. So right now, in addition to taking care of the grass that made it, we're replacing the grass that didn't. While seeding works to fill in thin grass, when you've lost larger patches, sod installation may be what you need! Caring for New Sod Much like a new baby has different needs than a middle-aged adult, you can't treat newly-laid sod the same way you treat your established grass. Before adding sod, we'll soak the ground so it can immediately hydrate. After installing the sod, we'll instruct you how often to water it. In addition, you must be cautious not to walk or lay anything upon your new sod. It's not strong yet, so we'll baby it. We also put off the first mow until it's better established. March While We Have the Edge! Along with regular mowing, we'll take the time to edge your lawn as part of your standard lawn maintenance routine. The edge makes mowing quicker and prevents grass from creeping where you don't want it. Also, it's more difficult for grass to cross over into your driveway with a trench in the way. Lawn in Lewisburg Food and Water Besides all the cutting and installing, your grass has basic needs similar to yours. It needs food and water. This time of year, we also begin talking about fertilizing your lawn. Because grass is a stable crop that isn't rotated with anything else with different nutritional needs, grass will use up all the nutrients in the soil over time. Fertilizing replenishes them. When it comes to watering, you can rely on the weather or water manually, but an irrigation system is the best option for your lawn. With irrigation, you'll water the right amount every time, and with automation, you'll never forget. Plus, irrigation saves water and money by preventing you from overdoing it or losing plants. Aeration & Overseeding We're not there just yet, but we will start aerating and overseeding lawns next month. Over time, due to weather, erosion, natural settling, and enjoying your property, your soil gets too packed to be a suitable environment for plant growth. We solve this problem by aerating the ground and adding new seeds to replace lost grass. Want Perfection in Your Lawn Care? For a perfect lawn, contact the friendly professional staff at Perfection for your lawn care. There's more to a healthy property than a neat mow, so trust the pros to handle it!